Superior Rug Services Provides professional rug cleaning in Greater Los Angeles area.

Our rug cleaning experts are able to remove pet urine stains and odor in our area rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning process.

Superior Rug Services

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For Superior Rug Services, Inc. in Los Angeles Dusting is the most important step in proper rug cleaning. our rug cleanersin Los Angeles use rug dusting machine to vigorously dust the rugs before going under cleaning process.





After years of service every rug will need some fringe work. Our professional repairing staff are able to repair or replace every type of fringe and make your rugs as beautiful as ever.

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Our artisans will carefully replace the damaged serging of your rug and replace it with brand new serging that will enhance the beauty of your rug.



Our technicians providing rug cleaning in Los Angeles are industry certified and only use biodegradable shampoo to clean your valuable rugs and insure your family's health.

Our rug cleaning in Los Angeles involves a drying  process which includes the use of a state of the art equipment in which we are able to rinse off the dissolved dirt and remove 95% of the moisture from the rug.

 Call Certified Rug Cleaning Professionals:   888-630-3777


Superior Rug Services is a full service company

providing rug cleaning in Los Angeles, rug repairing in Los angeles, and area rug cleaning. 

Water Extraction

Using our state of the art equipment for rug cleaning in Los Angeles we will extract 95% of the water From your rug

Superior Rug Services, Inc., has invested in State Of The Art equipment to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We encourage you to try our service. We will meet your area rug cleaning and repairing needs in a timely manner. After washing your rug we use our State Of The Art rug cleaning equipment enabling us to remove 95% of the water from your rug. Our drying chamber is the final stop for your rug where it will be dried in a few hours leaving your rug smelling fresh. After the rug(s) are washed and dried thoroughly, you will be contacted to arrange for delivery.
Professional rug cleaning is recommended by every manufacturer. We are equipped with knowledge of fiber contents and dyes used in each type of rug. Rugs cleaned by carpet cleaners will not have the same results, and can also:
1- Pose a health hazard to you and your family. We are often called upon to clean and remove mold from rugs that have been cleaned by carpet cleaners.
2- Damage your hardwood floors due to over spraying.
3- Chemicals used may not be safe for the dyes in your rug(s). Superior Rug Services, Inc. uses 100% green products that are color safe and will also brighten up the colors in your rug. 

Stained Rug Before & After

Stain Removal Sample below.

Superior Rug cleaning Los Angeles

Early attention to a damaged area not only will save you money, it will also ensures the longevity of your rug. 

Looking for the best rug cleaner? Look no further, 

Superior Rug Services is the best amongst the

los angeles rug cleaning companies. 

Quick Dry

​Our rug cleaners in Los Angeles will dry your rug in our heat chamber to prevent the growth of mold and false odors

100% Green

For your comfort and safety we use 100% environmentally safe products for all area rug cleaning. 

Attention to Detail

Our area rug cleaning  includes dye testing, dusting, treating stains, and odors