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Our process and customer service is well known throughout all of Southern California. We clean and repair all of our clients rugs by hand to ensure the proper techniques are applied and that the level of care for each piece meets our expectations.

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Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning process involves vigorous dusting and shaking in our dusting machine to remove objects trapped inside the rug that can not be removed by vacuuming, Pressurized air may also be used on some rugs for the same purpose.

Rug Repair

Superior Rug Cleaning & Repairing Services employs the most experienced weavers to repair all types of rugs such as Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Chinese rugs as well as Kilims, Tapestries, custom made, and machine made rugs.

Free Pick Up & Delivery*

Superior Rug Cleaning is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality, We have a free pick up & delivery option available as well. Our experts will discuss all the options available to you to ensure your satisfaction.



Quality Satisfaction

The shampoo used in our rug cleaning process combines the 100% biodegradable, natural deodorizing power of Tea Tree Oil with the conditioning and fiber enhancing qualities of Lanolin. Together they efficiently clean and extend the life of your rugs. Superior Rug Cleaning is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality, expertise and service. As professional rug cleaners, we believe your valuable oriental rugs; especially handmade rugs should only be entrusted to those rug cleaning companies staffed with experienced rug cleaning professionals who apply techniques proven effective time after time.

Rug Repairing

The old saying “a Stitch in time saves nine” is especially true for oriental rugs. Early attention to a damaged area will not only save you hundreds of stitches, but hundreds of dollars as well. Our Oriental rug cleaners will check your rug for weak spots. Minor repairs will be done at no cost to you. More serious worn areas will be brought to your attention along with possible repairing options.
Please visit rug repairing, reweaving, rebinding and refringing page to view more results by our rug repair professionals.

Befores and afters

*Pick up and delivery free in San Fernando Valley with minimum order of $350.00
** $50.00 off applies for orders $500.00 or more. Orders less than $500.00, will receive 10% discount.

  • Rug Cleaning and Pet Stain Removal

    Our Los Angeles rug cleaning professionals are also exerts in removing stains. Each has years of experience in rug cleaning and removing pet stains and other stains such as food coloring and markers. to our rug cleaners every rug is important and they will take the best care possible in order to produce the most desirable results.





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