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Professional rug cleaners know that oriental rugs are known for their beautiful designs, and also for hiding dirt. That is why they need cleaning and rejuvenation. Professional cleaning of oriental rugs every year is recommended by every manufacturer, because it prolongs the life of the rug and it is healthier for the entire family. In recent years rug producing companies have been utilizing different techniques and blends of natural and synthetic material; hence rug cleaning has become a science and need expertise for producing satisfactory result and insuring safe process.

At Superior Rug Cleaning we examine each rug for content of material and the nature of the dyes used to determine the best process for cleaning the rug. Most rugs can be cleaned by our intense rug cleaning process, but some rugs may need extra care. Rugs used under heavy traffic, or ignored for a long period of time may need dusting (To achieve desired results), before undergoing our shampooing process. This will be determined after the rug is examined by experts at Superior Rug Cleaners and included in the rug cleaning process. This process is optional and not recommended for rugs with major repairs. Superior Rug Cleaners has developed an effective; 100% nontoxic rug cleaning shampoo and stain removing agents to treat pet stains and pet odors.

Cleaning your oriental rugs every 2 years is recommended by every manufacturer. Timely rug cleaning will prolong the life your rugs, and instead of spending thousands of dollars in replacing one, you may only spend a fraction of your initial investment.

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